Der Einfluss des Bildaufbaus in Narrativen auf die Erzählkomplexität von Vorschulkindern – eine empirische Vergleichsstudie


  • Oliver Weber



The aim of the present study was to test the influence of picture composition on the narrative complexity of preschool children, and to compare the different procedures of the Cat Story of Hickmann (2002) and the Fox Story of Gülzow & Gagarina (2007) with the Baby Birds and Baby Goats Story of MAIN, by Gagarina et al. (2012). For this purpose, 27 children between the ages of 5;01 and 6;09 were tested with both variants to check whether a macro-structurally controlled picture structure would lead to more complex stories. The results show that narratives with a Goal-Attempt-Outcome structure, i.e. the Baby Birds and Baby Goats Stories, make children with increasing age tell more complex stories by means of a rise in story complexity than the narratives of Hickmann and Gülzow & Gagarina without that structure.






Weber, Oliver. 2019. „Der Einfluss Des Bildaufbaus in Narrativen Auf Die Erzählkomplexität Von Vorschulkindern – Eine Empirische Vergleichsstudie“. ZAS Papers in Linguistics 62 (September):146-67.