An overview of the adaptation of MAIN to Lithuanian and research using the Lithuanian MAIN


  • Ineta Dabašinskienė
  • Laura Kamandulytė-Merfeldienė



This paper describes the Lithuanian version of the Multilingual Assessment tool for Narratives (MAIN) and presents research that used MAIN for narrative analysis of Lithuanian-speaking monolingual and bilingual typically-developing children and children with a language disorder. Our target group is preschool and primary school children, as we believe that narrative and general language skills at preschool and early school age should be investigated to establish the tendencies or even standards of this age group and to identify children who need language therapy or help in the learning process. This study is a contribution to the international network of MAIN by reinforcing a better understanding of narrative studies and the use of MAIN in Lithuanian research.





Dabašinskienė, Ineta, und Laura Kamandulytė-Merfeldienė. 2023. „An Overview of the Adaptation of MAIN to Lithuanian and Research Using the Lithuanian MAIN“. ZAS Papers in Linguistics 65 (März):31-39.