The Czech version of MAIN: adaptation, revision, pilot data from typically-developing and hearing-impaired children, and future steps


  • Miroslava Nováková Schöffelová
  • Lucie Saicová Římalová
  • Marína Mikulajová
  • Kamila Homolková



The article introduces the latest Czech version of the Multilingual Assessment Instrument for Narratives (MAIN). The first Czech version of MAIN was published in 2020 and was piloted in 2020–2021. Subsequently, a revised Czech version of MAIN was created. This article introduces this latest version of MAIN, describes minor changes to the manual caused by typological features of Czech and a specific cultural context, and presents sample analyses of the pilot data collected from typically-developing and hearing-impaired children. The results from the pilot study indicate that MAIN functions properly in the Czech context, in particular for preschool children. The results show that MAIN can be fruitfully applied to assess speech and language skills in hearing-impaired children in the Czech context.





Nováková Schöffelová, Miroslava, Lucie Saicová Římalová, Marína Mikulajová, und Kamila Homolková. 2023. „The Czech Version of MAIN: Adaptation, Revision, Pilot Data from Typically-Developing and Hearing-Impaired Children, and Future Steps“. ZAS Papers in Linguistics 65 (März):7-21.