Tone, syntax, and prosodic domains in Luganda


  • Larry M. Hyman
  • Francis X. Katamba



"The documentation of... descriptive generalizations is sometimes clearer and more accessible when expressed in terms of a detailed formal reconstruction, but only in the rare and happy case that the formalism fits the data so well that the resulting account is clearer and easier to understand than the list of categories of facts that it encodes.... [If not], subsequent scholars must often struggle to decode a description in an out-of-date formal framework so as to work back to... the facts.... which they can re-formalize in a new way. Having experienced this struggle often ourselves, we have decided to accommodate our successors by providing them directly with a plainer account." (Akinlabi & Liberman 2000:24)






Hyman, Larry M., und Francis X. Katamba. 2010. „Tone, Syntax, and Prosodic Domains in Luganda“. ZAS Papers in Linguistics 53 (Januar):69-98.