'These hands, they are apt enough to dislocate and tear thy flesh': on left dislocation in the recent history of the English language


  • Javier Pérez Guerra
  • David Tizón-Couto




As part of a major project on the syntactic organisation of written discourse in the recent history of the English language, this paper tackles the distribution of sentences comprising left-dislocated constituents in a corpus of texts from late Middle English onwards. Once the phenomenon of left dislocation has been properly defined, this investigation will concentrate on the analysis of the corpus in the following directions: (i) statistical evolution of left dislocation in the recent history of the English language; (ii) the influence of orality and genre on left dislocation; (iii) information conveyed by the left-dislocated material, that is, the discourse-based referentiality potential of the left-dislocated constituents in terms of recoverability, and its association with end-focus; and (iv) grammatical complexity of the left-dislocated material and its association with end-weight.






Guerra, Javier Pérez, und David Tizón-Couto. 2004. „’These Hands, They Are Apt Enough to Dislocate and Tear Thy flesh’: On Left Dislocation in the Recent History of the English Language“. ZAS Papers in Linguistics 35 (2):449-64. https://doi.org/10.21248/zaspil.35.2004.237.